smartCalc Pro allows you to view your comparables VERTICALLY in columns and to adjust your comparables to your subject property just like an appraiser. smartCalc helps you make these adjustments consistently and accurately. Plus view all the Value Trends and Historical data in one screen shot. Instantly view information such as declining/appreciating market, the supply factor, how many REO's, plus the highest and lowest list price in area. Compatible with MLS systems nationwide

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Bpo Services

We are based in Southern California, and primarily service the Ventura County area, & Los Angeles County in the San Fernando Valley, Santa Clarita and the West Side areas. Learn More

Bill Moran Workshop Workshops

These are small workshops that cover a lot of detail and will give you the tools you need to go forward.

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Bpo Services

If you have a BPO or an Appraisal you want us to do, or to request information concerning a BPO or an Appraisal. Learn More

About VaueWell

ValueWell was formed in 2004 to assist sellers & buyers get unbiased appraisals for real estate transactions in the Southern California area. Due to the current economic conditions, banks looking for Broker Price Opinions, BPO's, became another opportunity for ValueWell, and we successfully entered that market. ValueWell's founder, Bill Moran, noticed that he was constantly being asked questions concerning his company's successful BPO practice, and how to do a BPO correctly. To assist in this area, ValueWell starting presenting workshops on how to properly do a BPO with the "Nuts & Bolts" workshops. Learn More

About VaueWell
Short Sales and REO's need BPO's,  Investors need BPO's, Appraisal Rebuttals need BPO's
  • Simple, concise workshop to get you going quick
  • Learn how to do an "actual" BPO
  • Learn how to read an appraisal
  • Don't waste your time or money on worthless BPO/REO Certificates
  • Plus how BPO's can help in Short Sales, REO's, & Appraisal Rebuttals
  • Much More