About Us

ValueWell was formed in 2004 to assist sellers & buyers get unbiased appraisals for real estate transactions in the Southern California area. Due to the current economic conditions, banks looking for Broker Price Opinions, BPO's, became another opportunity for ValueWell, and we successfully entered that market. ValueWell's founder, Bill Moran, noticed that he was constantly being asked questions concerning his company's successful BPO practice, and how to do a BPO correctly. To assist in this area, ValueWell starting presenting workshops on how to properly do a BPO with the "Nuts & Bolts" workshops.

In an effort to streamline the workflow, ValueWell developed an internal software program to speed up the process and more importantly help prepare a more accurate BPO. ValueWell now offers that software as a stand alone product, smartCalc Pro.

William (Bill) Moran  Owner

Bill Moran PhotoA licensed California Department of Real Estate salesperson since 1984 and licensed Broker since 1994.  Bill has been involved in hundreds of real estate transactions including Short Sales and REO's. Since 1989, he represented buyers in numerous acquisitions of bank owned properties. Relying on his past experience in contracting, he has assisted with the remodel and rehab of many homes over the years.

Mr. Moran has also been working with development teams since 2004 in creating programs to help in the real estate and financial markets, both online and stand alone programs.

For more information about Bill please visit: www.bill-moran.com, or email bmoran@valuewell.com.


Questions or orders, please email: software@valuewell.com


Questions or orders, please email: info@valuewell.com