smartCalc Pro allows you to view your comparables VERTICALLY in columns and to adjust your comparables to your subject property just like an actual BPO form. smartCalc Pro helps you make these adjustments consistently and accurately. Plus view all the Value Trends and Historical data in one screen shot. Instantly view information such as declining/appreciating market, the supply factor, how many REO's, plus the highest and lowest list price in area. Makes doing BPO's a breeze. Compatible with MLS systems nationwide

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BPOsmartcalc Sold Adjustment Examples

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Just like the Listing adjustments page, all comps are chosen from a drop down menu. (Sold 3 dropdown shown) After selected, properties, values, and adjustments change on the fly. No tedious calculations by hand or errors. Spend your time on selecting the best comps, not calculations or adjustments.

Color coded keys to assist you. GREEN to let you know you are within suggested BPO standards. BLUE for acceptable but outside recommended variances. RED for outside acceptable, letting you know when to look for a different comp or to add a comment. (note, addresses & phone numbers are blurred out for screenshots)

Bpo Value Trend

Closer view of color codes, in this example for Sold date. In order: subject, Sold1, Sold2, Sold3. Green indicates closed within last 90 days, blue 90 - 120 days, red over 120 days.

Bpo Listing

Property image thumbnails expand on mouse rollover so you can get a better look at the comp.

Bpo Listing

Full public & agent remarks so you can get a better understanding of the comp.

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