smartCalc Pro allows you to view your comparables VERTICALLY in columns and to adjust your comparables to your subject property just like an actual BPO form. smartCalc Pro helps you make these adjustments consistently and accurately. Plus view all the Value Trends and Historical data in one screen shot. Instantly view information such as declining/appreciating market, the supply factor, how many REO's, plus the highest and lowest list price in area. Makes doing BPO's a breeze. Compatible with MLS systems nationwide

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BPOsmartcalc Subject Information & Value Trends Page

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Here you enter the information of the subject property, and download the comps from the MLS. This page will also automatically calculate value trends for the area, saving much time. Instead of having to caclulate the decline/increase in values, the percentage of REO's from you comps, it is done acurately and automatically. You can print this page when done.

Screen Shot of Value Trend Page

More detailed screenshots below - Subject Information, Value Trends

Bpo Value Trend

Detailed View of Subject Property Information

nsert the information for the subject property from the tax record.

The status of the property effects the price. If active most likely it is not going to sell at the full listing price. Here you can put in a per centage adjustment for that status.

Bedroom & Gross Living Area Sq/Ft values vary from community to community. Examples shown are $10,000 per bedroom & $125 per Sq/Ft. Pools, views, and condition of the subject propery values can also be entered.

You want the majority of your comps to be in the same condition as the subject, and the SOLD & LISTING pages allow you to choose the correct comps. Pricing for condition status differences can also be entered.

All these adjusments will auto-calculate on the following SOLD & LISTING pages where you select your comps.

The property sales type is also listed, such as Standard Owner Occupied, REO, Short Sale, etc.

Value Trends Details

What could take hours needing multiple searches is now done instantly as soon as you open your saved MLS search. Number of units sold in 1 year, 6 months, 3 months, average sales price, average days on market, per cent of sales that were REO, average number of sales per month. Amazing amount of time saved.

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